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Busy Bee Band Boosters

Programs of excellence like the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees do not happen overnight. They are the result of many years of hard work and great support from the community. The driving force behind much of the group's accomplishments have been the parents of the present and past students and other supporters around the area who have sacrificed time to help the organization. This group of devoted people are known as the Busy Bee Band Boosters.

The Booster program annually devotes many hours into building an additional stage onto the existing stage at East Fairmont for the Follies production. The staging enhances the band's appearance by adding more space to be utilized. Many parents spent long hours and some late nights working on various committees and projects that make Follies possible.

The Boosters program allows parents to participate in the decisions that are made concerning the group. Among various other activities the Busy Bee Band Boosters:
  • Help maintain and repair equipment used by the band.
  • Annually organize and oversee--as cooks, chaperons, first aid attendants, etc.--a week long band camp at which 200 students, parents, and staff work to prepare a field show.
  • Travel with the organization to help oversee the students and their well-being on all trips.
  • Help coordinate and oversee any fund-raisers that the band might hold throughout the year.

  • Much of what the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees does would be impossible without the support of the Busy Bee Band Boosters. A successful program is one that has the support of the community as well as parents.

    Officers for the 2014-2015 School Year

    President - Mrs. Michele Keefover
    Vice President - Mr. Jim Nichols
    Vice President - Mr. Alan Hopkins
    Secretary - Mrs. Crystal Rakosky
    Treasurer - Ms. Pam Thorn

    Special thanks to all the chaperones who helped us at Band Camp in 2014:

    Mrs. Keefover Mr. Keefover Mr. Nichols
    Mrs. Hopkins Mr. Hopkins Mrs. Rakosky
    Mrs. Cormack Mr. Cormack Mrs. Kunce
    Ms. VanGilder Mrs. Lehman Mrs. Nutter
    Mrs. Gorman Ms. Gibson Mrs. Lemley
    Mrs. Akers Mr. Akers Mr. Utt
    Mr. Morris Mr. Vincent Mr. Flohr
    Mr. Carr Mr. Bradley Mrs. Walls
    Mr. Walls Mrs. Pethel Mr. Pethel






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