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In the Fall of 1995, the East Fairmont High School web-site took to the Internet.  The Busy Bee Band & Honeybees were one of the few original groups in the school that were part of the original site design.  The band "site" took up one page that contained a short list of accomplishments with no pictures or current events.

Thanks to a gift from the Class of 1996, the Busy Bee Band ONLINE! officially began.  The site ventured out of the East Fairmont hosting site and made their official home on America Online.  Under the direction of web-master Mike Swisher, the "new" page contained a complete listing of travel along with a current schedule and a barrage of pictures.  As time passed, the site added information regarding Band Camp, Steeler Performances, and added an Alumni Center.  Student Rosters became available and a Photo Gallery became one of the most visited features of the site.

The site continually redefined itself with new designs and new featues for visitors over the next couple years.  In the summer of 1999, web-master Jason Davis was added to the Web team.  The site began a rapid development in preparation for the upcoming trip to California.  In September of 1999, with the help of alumnus Chris Moran, the site made its official move to its current address of busybeeband.com.

During the group's trip to California for the Tournament of Roses Parade, busybeeband.com featured daily updates from California with pictures and stories on everything the band had participated in.  Over that five-day period, the site attracted over 4,000 visitors and received over 800 messages from well-wishers from Marion County and around the country.  The site was also featured in two articles run in the Dominion Post and provided the necessary support for the Times-West Virginian to run five consecutive days of front page stories on the group.

Now, as we have entered a new millennium, the site continues to evolve.  Once a one page sheet, the site has become one of the premier High School Band Sites in the country, attracting visitors from the east to west coasts and all points in-between.

From its early inception, the site has never lost focus of its primary purpose:  To bring together current and past members of the organization with all those that made this program possible.  As always, we look forward to hearing from you and we appreciate your input into the site.  Please enjoy your visit, and be sure to return to keep up on the latest with the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees.



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