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2019 Band Family Reunion

September 13, 2019 at East/West Stadium

Reception / Tent Area Opens at 5:00 PM

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Let's talk Friday night, shall we? Ticket booths will open at 5:00 p.m. If you did not pre-purchase a ticket, (Dr. Westfall will be selling tickets tonight at the high school from 6:00 - 6:45 p.m.), the ticket booths are near the main entrance at the front of East-West Stadium and at the back gate at the back of the track. You will have to have a ticket (I know, I know...). Tickets are $6.00. If you have exactly $6.00 in your hand, you'll speed things up a bit. Just sayin'.

Parking -- you can park in the Valley Distributing area and parking lot at the back of the Stadium and also at West Fairmont Middle School. There's some spots at the back of the stadium. I would recommend riding with a friend. Or two. Or three. Or four. We will do our best for everyone.

At 5:00 p.m., we will also be opening our reception area. The reception area is at the back of the stadium behind the scoreboard area. Upon your arrival, we ask that you get a nametag and fill out a short registration card. Should take 2 minutes. Feel free to bring your family back to the reception area with you. Instruments will need to be placed on the far side of the field in the back (looking out from the crowd, you'll put instruments all the way over on the right -- you'll see my nice Visio attached below). Then go over and socialize. Just fair warning -- if you roll in around 6:00 or later, you may have a hard time getting a ticket and getting through the gate and getting to us in time for pre-game...we don't know how backed up things may get.

We'll have concession for sale (all cash). There will be snacks and pepperoni rolls and popcorn. Just something to eat. Remember, all concession money benefits both local bands so please be generous!

You can pick up your pins if you pre-paid at the "Pre-Paid Pin Table" -- if you want a pin and haven't purchased one yet, there will be a separate table for those. We'll mark them :) We will also be selling something new -- it is a reversible static cling that you can place on your windshield, on your refrigerator, computer, on your neighbor's windows, and remove them and put them somewhere else. They're actually pretty cool. Pins are $10.00 and clings are $3.00. Cash is preferred. We'll have a credit card reader but, obviously, that takes a little longer.

At 6:10, we will shut down all the sales and concession. Family members who are not band/honeybee members or chaperones/boosters should head over to the seating area and find somewhere to watch the show. Alumni members, that's a good time to head over to start unpacking horns. We will then start lining everyone up on the track.

Pre-game will start at approximately 6:35 p.m. We have a short video that will play beginning at (and, yes, I am this exact) 6:29 that I think you would like to watch. We'll probably play it a few times prior to that time as well.

After that, the band will exit the field -- boosters/chaperones, you will head around back and around the track and then come up in the stands (we're sending you around back so there's not a big buildup at the gate area -- nothing personal!). There will be someone there to lead everyone. And at 7:00 p.m., we should be cheering on the Bees to a hopeful victory over RCB.

Halftime is just the current band. We expect the alumni, and crowd, to do "The Git Up" with us in the stands. And we'll close the show with literal fireworks. I don't know how you can beat that in one evening. I'm sure I've forgotten a bunch of things -- but, if this doesn't get you in the stadium and to a spot, I don't know what will!

Quick Information:

  • The game is September 13, 2019.  We expect the tent area to open around 5:00 p.m.  Band Family and their families are invited back to the tent area to socialize.  We will begin asking non-band folks to head to their seats around 6:10 p.m. so we can begin to get ready.  But please feel free to bring your family back to the tent area with you.

  • Admission will be $6.00, the same as all EFHS football games.

  • All members of the Busy Bee Band, Alumni Band and Former Honeybees are invited to practice on both September 10th and September 12th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  You are NOT required to attend the rehearsals to participate (a lot of people have to travel or work and we understand) but if you can attend, we highly encourage you do so.  That way we can work out lineups and all the other stuff that you know goes into a show!

  • "The Git Up" is at the bottom of the page -- learn to do "The Git Up!!!"

  • We ask as you arrive at the tent area, you please get a name tag and put your name, instrument and date of graduation.  Believe me, it helps everyone!  You know that feeling when you look at someone and know their name but just can't get it -- try that about 250 times in one evening.  Please grab a name tag.  We'll have several tables setup with them

  • We will have a table that is passing out pins that were pre-ordered.  They are organized by last name and that should go smooth.  We will also be selling for $10.00 any extra pints (first come/first serve).  We will also be selling a new reversible static cling that you can stick to your car windshield or refrigerator or, well, to many things.  We'll demonstrate there.  They are $3.00 each.  All profit from pin and cling sells (along with the apparel sells) go directly into the Busy Bee Band Uniform and Equipment Fund -- a fund that needs replenished.

  • There will be a few canopies setup beginning at 5:00 p.m. behind the scoreboard at East/West.  There will be a concession setup and, don't forget, the Busy Bee Band and Polar Bear Band receives a percentage of concession so you are helping the local groups by purchasing your dinner or snack at the stadium instead of ahead of time.

  • Instruments -- if you have an extra instrument, I would recommend just bringing it and making it with your information to see if someone might need to borrow it.  We've tried to find a good way to hook people together but it's been messy.  We will have a few extra horns there.  Even if you're not sure you'll have a horn, still come and we might find you one and, even if we don't, at least you'll know where you're going to be one the field (you are not required to have an instrument to be on the fields since we definitely won't have enough drums and sousaphones).

  • We will bring copies of music with us if you don't get a chance to print it.  If you still have your lyre and plastic folder, bring it.  If you need one when you get there, we will have some that you can purchase from Bandland.  I don't have prices off the top of my head -- but, if you can find your own, I would go that route :)  Bandland is going to give us some lyres/plastic folders to sell at practice but they will be first come, first serve.  So, I would still recommend you getting you equipment ahead of time.

  • All band members, former band members and current and former Honeybees will be on the field for pre-game.  All former chaperones/boosters will be on the track (we will determine where once we see how many folks we have).  We will have positions for everyone once people start arriving.  We will have a layout for everyone who is part of the Band Family!

  • Apparel:  We are working with a 3rd party company that is selling apparel but do not feel you have to buy anything to participate.  If you don't buy any band apparel, just wear blue and gold.  Please try to avoid blue and white (for, some reason) or blue and green (since we're playing RCB) :)

  • Apparel web-site:  https://shop.spreadshirt.com/busy-bee-band-honeybees/all  And you can customize your apparel -- see these instructions for a little help:


Alright, you can download the MP3s or Listen on YouTube (barring we don't get copyright strikes....which, ya know, that's never fun).  Sorry Lauren, I can't get them on Apple Tunes -- if someone knows how to do that, they're better than me -- looks like you have to go through a lot of hoops and actually, ya now, sell your songs.  Anyway, here are parts and recordings!



Stand Tunes


Parents, student section, alumni, visiting fans, visiting bands -- we're laying down the challenge. We want you to learn to do "The Git Up" with the band and join us when we dance it on the field. We've even put together an instructional video - only 8 sets of 8 (64-count dance). Band alumni attending on the 13th, we expect to see the entire alumni section doing this dance with us. Will it be perfect? No. We're not doing it perfect (don't tell Mr. Bean that some of the kids don't do it perfect) -- but we know you can get moving. And roll those shoulders and do the slip and slide. So watch the instruction video -- the instructions are followed by the band doing it at the NMHS game so you can hear it with the drum solo. Want to make our kids excited, learn this dance and do it with us!  We're challenging everyone at East-West Stadium to do "The Git Up!" with us!

We also added a couple more items to the store, including a regular sweatshirt, a ballcap and a drawstring bag for anyone interested.  And be sure to check out the options because the items are customize able, so you can add your name on the back if you would like.

To order Busy Bee Band Merchandise, visit https://shop.spreadshirt.com/busy-bee-band-honeybees/all