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Washington, DC - May 2004

First Performance by Any Ensemble at the World War II Memorial

Performance at Marine National War Memorial

The Busy Bee Band & Honeybees traveled to Washington, DC in the Spring of 2004 for a historic trip for the members of the organization. While in the Capital, the band attended the "Evening Parade" held at the Washington, DC Marine Barracks. The show featured "The President's Own" United States Marine Band, "The Commandant's Own" United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps, the Marine Corps Color Guard and the Silent Drill Platoon.


On Saturday, the group gathered at the Iwo Jima National Marine Corps War Memorial where a brief concert was held for the spectators in the area. After the concert, the band traveled into downtown Washington to see the visit the newly opened National World War II Memorial.


The Busy Bee Band & Honeybees perform at the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial in Washington, DC

Scheduled to be dedicated during Memorial Day Weekend 2004, the Memorial opened just three weeks prior to the band's arrival so that thousands of World War II Veterans could see the monument prior to the dedication. As they were exiting their buses in uniforms, Director Earl McConnell was asked if his group would be able to perform briefly for the crowd by National Park Service Officer Brad Berger.  Stating that the Band was able to perform the "Armed Forces Medley" which features all five songs of the military (Caisson Song - Army; U.S. Air Force Song, Anchors Aweigh - Navy; Seper Paratus - Coast Guard  and the Marine Hymn) Officer Berger allowed the group to perform for 10 minutes to a crowd of over 3,000 visitors. This marked the first performance by any musical ensemble at the newly built memorial.  A trip to Arlington Cemetery was next as the band presented a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. Queen Bee Kate McConnell and Band Commander Kevin Mick presented the specially made wreath from the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees with the trained members of the Third United States Infantry who guard the Tomb continuously throughout the year.


Following a brief return to Tyson's Corner Mall, the group returned to Fairmont on Saturday night.


On May 22, 2004, the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees became the first musical ensemble to perform at the recently opened National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC

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