Marion County Community Band

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Unfortunately we're going to have to make it official that we will be unable to have a Christmas concert this year.  I've held off on this for a little while in hopes that some solution may present itself but that appears unlikely within the next few weeks.  The restrictions in place for gatherings, school usage, instrument usage and the recommendations for musicians makes it impossible for us to safely assemble anytime in the near future.  I wish I had better news but, at this time, safety for all of our musicians is the most important thing.

This will mark the second concert we've had to cancel due to pandemic outbreak.  But I'm hopeful that early in the coming year we can turn a corner and begin to assemble safely again.  On a positive note, MCPARC has supported us completely over the past year and we have a full slate of music for both a 2021 Summer Concert and a 2021 Christmas Concert.  Keep your eye open for any news regarding the Spring / Summer season - we'll most likely begin in late March of early April if circumstances permit.  The Spring music is still listed on the website (http://mccband.org/) if you would like to give it a listen - and, if you're a member of the group, you can private message me or send an email to get the password to be able to see the parts (I'll try to do a better job at monitoring the emails...)

So, until we can reassemble, keep the instruments in working condition and maybe even play a note or two just to make sure!  Stay safe and hope to see everyone soon!


The MCPARC Marion County Community Band provides an opportunity for any musicians of any age or skill level to rehearse and perform challenging concert band repertoire while providing live music for the local community.  We will soon be gathering to begin working on summer music.

Music may include some of the following (give or take...additional selections may be added - and I apologize that I don't have everything scanned in yet...close though):

Members of the group can sign in here - MEMBERS ONLY.  To get the password, please email: mcparccommunityband@gmail.com

or Direct Message us on the Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/mcparccommunityband

If you would like to be alerted about changes to the rehearsal or performance schedules, please sign up with the Remind App (because Remind limits to 150 "per class," we have divided the brass, woodwinds and percussion to stay below their limits) -- and be sure to put the "@" sign ahead of your group:

  • Woodwinds: Text @mccbww1 to this number: 81010

  • ​Brass - Text @mccbbrass1 to this number: 81010

  • Percussion - Text @mccbperc1 to this number: 81010

Or you may Download the Remind app on your Android or iOS device, open the app and create an account (or login to your account if you already have one) and tap the + by classes and enter the @ code above to join.