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2019 East Fairmont Band Reunion Form

Celebrating the Long Tradition of the "Band Family"

Whether a member of the band, a booster or chaperone, we want anyone associated with the band to be at the September 13, 2019 East Fairmont football game at East/West Stadium as the Bees take on RCB.  Come out and support the band, football team and cheerleaders and let's fill up East/West Stadium for the night.

Alumni Information - including music and audio for you to practice with (because we all know we practice diligently).

Apparel web-site - lots of options and the band does make a commission off all sales for those wondering:


Need an instrument, have an extra instrument -- a good place to start would be on the Busy Bee Band's Reunion Group where you can work out an exchange if necessary:

If you need a lyre, plastic folder, valve oil, cork grease, a trumpet put back together from the 17 parts it is currently in, we recommend you contact Bandland and Percussion Center at (304) 622-1171.  For many things, they have an online store and can get it shipped to you.  For the 17-piece trumpet, I would suggest a trip to Clarksburg.


 Please feel free to email if you have issues with the form.  Thank you for taking the time to help us out!

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