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2019 - 2020 Busy Bee Band & Honeybees

50th Anniversary Band - Members Only

2019-2020 Members of the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees

Performance Requirements:

All students will be responsible for the following at every performance:

  • 1-clean, crewneck, plain white t-shirt (no logos, writing).  T-shirt should have sleeves

  • 1-pair black crew socks.  Please do not wear micro or no-show socks.  We don't want to see your legs (sorry)

  • Band issued black marching shoes, cleaned and polished

  • Band issued white spats, cleaned and polished

  • Hair styled neatly off-the-collar

  • No makeup, jewelry or fingernail polish of any type

  • All gentlemen should be neatly shaven prior to arrival at the Band Room


These items are YOUR responsibility.  The band will not provide any forgotten items on days of performances.  It is your responsibility to bring your shoes, spats, black socks and white t-shirt and to ensure that you have properly addressed hair, makeup, fingernail polish and jewelry.  Gentlemen, you must remember to shave at home.  No exceptions!

SHOES AND SPATS MUST -- and I emphasize again - MUST - go home with you after every performance.  A small backpack or drawstring bag with you name on it would be the route I went -- so that's my suggestion. But please check to make sure you have these and, if you don't, get them ordered NOW.  If you don't have shoes/spats on August 29th, you're going to be very lonely sitting in the bandroom by yourself.  Not trying to be mean -- just want to emphasize that these items, just like a white t-shirt and long, black socks are your responsibilities.  This is our band uniform and we expect you to be responsible.  There will be NO extra shoes, spats, t-shirts or socks at the Bandroom on performance days.

Changes with REMIND!!!

Remind has changed the way it works and will now only allow classes of

150 students/people per class.  Therefore, we are setting up new classes fo Freshmen , Freshmen Parents, Sophomores, Sophomore Parents, etc. and everyone will have to sign up again.  We will provide those new Remind numbers hopefully by the parent night meeting.  At this time, Remind will not allow us to send any messages because we have more than 150 in the class.  Yes, I know that sounds confusing but we'll clear it up at the parent meeting and get you new information to sign up.


Must-Have for All Performances

Plain Black











Requirements for all practices and performances

  • Members are to be in their designated area by the beginning of call and/or rehearsal.  This includes being in proper seating, instruments out, music out and Honeybees stretching or working on upcoming tunes.

  • No student may leave the rehearsal area without permission from someone on staff

  • No food or drink of any kind permitted inside band rehearsal without prior approval from director.

  • At the the end of ALL performances, the entire band will return to the band room where we will properly put the band jackets band pants back into their closest.  First, jackets:

  • Jackets must be placed with the hanger facing to the left.  This way they hang on the rack properly.  Members who cannot remember this will be sent to the back of the line to try again.

  • After successfully hanging their jacket properly, students may being to hang their band pants.  The band pants have two pleats which must be joined together prior to the pants being slid over the hangers.  The pleats should match.  This is imperative to keep the pants looking as neat for as long as possible.  Secondly, the side of the pleated plant leg that contains the uniform number should  show on the same side as the uniform number.  Failure to do so will place you to the back of the line.

  • Once pants and jackets are hung correctly, the member may place his hat and shoulder nests into the Hat Box.  REMEMBER:  NOTHING, aside from the hat, should-nests and, occasionally, uniform buttons should EVER go into the Hat Box.  (As an aside, it may be a good idea to buy a stringlock bag or small backpack designated to hold shoes, spats and black socks so students don't forget -- please just be sure to wash and return on gameday.  We will not be allowing members to leave their shoes, socks, etc., in the bandroom.  Those items must be taken home after every performance.  It is the responsibility of every student to have a clean, white (no writing) crewneck, sleeved t-shirt, black crew socks (not 'no-show' or 'short' socks), and their clean marching band shoes and clean white spats -- the EFHS band room will NOT have spare shoes, spats, t-shirts or black socks.

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