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1968 - 1972

1968 Busy Bee Band & Honeybees

The pageantry-style showband came to life at the annual East-West game - November 11, 1968 - as the "East Fairmont Band" presented a tribute to the "STATUE OF LIBERTY" portrayed by Janet Auel.

Busy Bee Band at 1970 United Fund Celebration in Pittsburgh

Queen Bee Corki Hostutler leads the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees performance as the Honor Band for the opening ceremonies of the 1970 United Fund Celebration in Pittsburgh,

"Busy Bee Band On Broadway"

First Stage Production, Feb 6 & 7, 1970...

Featuring highlights from twelve of Broadway's greatest musicals

Earl W. McConnell, Sr. - Director
Millee McConnell - Choreographer
Busy Bee Band on Broadway 1970
The Sailors of "SOUTH PACIFIC"

The Sailors of "SOUTH PACIFIC" featured, clockwise from lower left: Dave Born,
Paul Phillips, Ernie Stutler, Harold Santy, Jerry Summers and Lyle Barbee.

Terry Constable as "Gypsy" during First Busy Bee Band on Broadway

First Annual "BUSY BEE BAND ON BROADWAY" in 1970 featured Queen Bee Terry Constable as "Gypsy."

"Busy Bee Band On Broadway 1971"

A scene from "Hair" in Busy Bee Band on Broadway 1971

A scene from "Hair" featured Alex Cassucio, Lynn Jenkins, Dave Born, Michael Woody, Doug Born - on rope; Dean Rodenheaver, Joe Saporito, Bobby Schleicher, Diane Plymale and Kim Satterfield


"Damn Yankees" takes to the stage during Busy Bee Band on Broadway 1971.  Baseball players included Dave Nuzum, Dave Born, Lyle Barbee, John Russell, Jamey Brookover, Michael Woody, Mark Hoffman and Tom DeVito.  Fans were Jeff Hoffman, Mark Myers, Pat Schleicher and Russell Yann.  Jim Shahan was the ballboy.

"Busy Bee Band On Broadway 1972"

Honeybees on stage during Busy Bee Band on Broadway 1972

Left to right: Honeybees Cathy Yann, Brenda Stutler, Cathy Wierbonski, Shannon Sturm, Carol Kramer, Nicki Fantasia, Patty Perella, Luanne Musgrove, Beverly Leonard, Bobbi Schleicher, Janet Romino, Allana Everhart, Tracey Constable, Debbie Swiger, Many Tennant, Celia Graves, Linda Radcliffe, Debbie Yann, Debbie Kennedy, Mary Ann Vingle, Nancy Twyman.

Busy Bee Band on Broadway '72 presents scene from From the musical "SOUTH PACIFIC"

From the musical "SOUTH PACIFIC", our sailors: Dave Born, Alex Cassuccio, Rex Hardesty, Keith Bray, Dennis Burnsworth, Dough Born, Johnnie Hamilton - "Honeybun," Dale Arnett and Eddie Vincent.

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