1993 - 1996

The Opening of a New Chapter on Airport Road

Opening of the "New" East Fairmont High School
August 14, 1993

New East High off to flying start

Approximately 1000 persons participated in the dedication of the new East Fairmont High School, located next to and visible from I-79.  Speeches were made and gold and blue balloons were released as part of the dedication.  The Busy Bee Band Herald Trumpets lined the roof as the band joined them from below for a festival of music in the opening of the new educational facility

Busy Bee Band Herald Trumpets prepare for school opening

Busy Bee Band Herald Trumpets preparing for the opening of the new East Fairmont High School

1994 Kaufmann's Celebrate the Season Parade

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Busy Bee Band Follies '94"

A New Follie traditon begins a the "New" EFHS for Follies 1994

Following 23 years of performances at the old East Fairmont High School, Follies '94 took the stage in the new EFHS Auditorium in April of 1994 to three sold-out audiences of over 2,400 patrons.

Recreation of the Iwo Jima National Marine Memorial

Follies '94 concluded with a Patriotic Finale that included a 50th Anniversary salute to our veterans of World War II.  Songs included "The Gallant Man," "God Bless America," and "This Is My Country," during which the Follies curtain raised to reveal a recreation of the Iwo Jima National Marine Memorial.

"Busy Bee Band Follies '95"

On May 19, 1994, the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees attended the Toronto, Ontario production of "Phantom of the Opera" at the Pantages Theater.  The experience of live musical theater was such an influence that our 1994 fall showband featured Masquerade at the conclusion of our show.  The second act of Follies '95 began with Act II of Phantom of the Opera.  The scene opens in front of the grand staircase of the Opera House.  It is New Year's Eve and M'sieur Firmin and M'sieur Andre, the owners of the Opera House, welcome the audience for the Masquerade until an uninvited visitor appears.

Phantom of the Opera at Follies 1995
Mr. Williams is shown center stage following his "surprise" appearance during the show's finale.

A tribute to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the ending of World War II featured a musical/visual tribute to Medal of Honor recipient Mr. Hersel "Woody" Williams.  Here, Mr. Williams is shown center stage following his "surprise" appearance during the show's finale.

1995 Spring Trip to Walt Disney World

Marching down Mainstreet U.S.A. at the Walt Disney World Resort on May 28, 1995, the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees appears in front of nearly 50,000 people as they marked their seventh performance in the past twenty-one years at the Magic Kingdom.

"It's the Wild, Wild West" - 1995 Field Show

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Busy Bee Band & Honeybees 1995 Field Show at the Annual Morgantown Band Spectacular held at Mountaineer Field