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1973 - 1976

1973 - 1974


Golden Girls sophomore Cindy Cain, senior Luanne Musgrove and junior Danette Steele and senior Queen Bee Tracy Constable perform before spectaculars.

"Busy Bee Band Follies '74"

featuring Kim Helmick as
Follies Queen.


The following is an article from the Fairmont Times: June 12, 1975

East Musicians Wow 'Em

New York Thrills To Busy Bee Band

"It was a thrill to hear "Hail West Virginia" played on the sidewalks of New York," Judge Robert E. Maxwell of Elkins reported last night. The northern district federal judge was passing by yesterday when he saw a band forming on Seventh Avenue and 53rd Street in front of the American Hotel. He stopped and recognized Band Director Earl McConnell. Traffic was stopped as hundreds of New Yorkers crowded the area around the hotel and the East Fairmont High School Busy Bee Band gave out with what the Judge said "was one of the finest concerts I have ever heard."


Queen Bee Danette Steele conducts the Busy Bee Band at a command performance at Seventh Avenue and 53rd Street in front of the Americana Hotel. Traffic stopped and an instant crowd of thousands were entertained.

The band in New York at the invitation of the Entertainment Committee of Rockefeller Center, had just come from the Center where they had received a "tremendous ovation." The management of the Americana had requested that the band give a street concert at the hotel. Judge Maxwell said, "I am sure that the fine young people of the band gave the New Yorkers something to think about. They were the best ambassadors for West Virginia that I have ever seen."


The Busy Bee majorettes of the band had a visit with the Rockettes at Rockefeller Center yesterday afternoon and the whole band was guest of Radio City Music Hall. The judge arrived at Benedum Airport in Bridgeport last night and called to report how "proud" he was of the Fairmont band.


The band went on to Hershey Chocolate Museum and will arrive home today. The trip is being sponsored by the Busy Bee Band Boosters, Frank Cimino president. Traveling with the band as directors are Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. McConnell, Sr.; as counselors are Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cimino, Mr. and Mrs. David Nuzum, Mrs. Ruth Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Romino, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Opus, Mr. and Mrs. James Layman, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stuart, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Delligatti, Mr. and Mrs. Willaim Cain.


Snoopy visits the 1975 Busy Bee Band Follies

1974-75 Busy Bee Band & Honeybees

Official Photo

Winter Blue Uniforms


1974-75 Busy Bee Band & Honeybees

Official Photo

Summer White Uniforms


"Busy Bee Band Follies '76"

Our Country's Bicentennial...


Spectacular costuming and the Honeybees provided an unforgettable finale to the music of "The Stars and Stripes Forever." Above, Dyane Carpenter, Sandy Morgan, Lisa Yann, and Cindy Cain are part of the precision routine.

'76 Show opener featured a salute to George M. Cohan with the Honeybees performing to "Yankee Doodle Dandy".

From left: Susan Bartolf, Jamie Constable, Lisa Yann, Cindy Cain and Gina Spatafore.


Earl W. McConnell, Jr. Becomes Co-Director


1976 saw the development of Co-Directors for the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees. After 11 years as Director, Earl W. McConnell, Sr. was joined by Earl W. McConnell, Jr. The new co- director came to East after 3 years as Director of Bands at Grafton High School.

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