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Photo Gallery Through the Years

Welcome to the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees Photo Gallery.  This page contains several photos taken throughout the many years of the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees.  As you browse through the pictures, you will notice that some may not have complete captions or are lacking captions completely.  If you have information on those photos, feel free to contact us with the details.  If you would like to submit additional photos for the Busy Bee Band Archives, please feel free to contact us at

The photo history of the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees is a work constantly in progress and we continue to add more when it becomes available.  


The "Tapestry of State Flags" were present at the 2000 Veteran's Day ceremony honoring all Veterans of our Armed Forces.  After the State Flags had formed a large semi-circle at the square, two student leaders presented a floral wreath in tribute to Marion County's Veterans as the Busy Bee Band played the "Navy Hymn."

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